Why you Need a Wood-Burning Fireplace

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Why You Need a Wood Burning Fireplace

To burn wood or not to burn wood? There is no question about the benefits of a wood-burning fireplace.

A Classic Look and Feel

Cozy nights spent by a fire are always alluring. Those majestic dancing flames, the sound of crackling logs, the smell of real wood burning, the warmth brought into the room… all of it is so inviting. Wood-burning fireplaces have a timeless charm that will never go out of style

Keeping your Fireplace Environmentally Friendly

Think green! Wood is a sustainable and renewable fuel source so choose wood that burns efficiently. To keep your fires safer for you and the environment, look for a low moisture content like Oak, Hickory, and Birch. Avoid wood that is covered in poison ivy or moss. To contribute even more to helping the planet, Isokern Fireplaces offer a Green Tech Solution, a catalytic combustor that reduces particulate emissions by 80% while you enjoy the fire you desire.


Creating Energy Independence when Electricity Fails

At a time when natural disasters are happening more frequently, affecting power grids, it’s important to have an energy source you can depend on: wood. A wood-burning fireplace provides proven reliability, keeping you warm and acting as a constant fuel source during natural disasters such as hurricanes, tropical storms, and blizzards when homeowners are left without power for days, if not weeks.

Select the Best of the Best

When you want a wood-burning fireplace that stands way above the rest, look to Isokern Fireplaces. By utilizing Icelandic volcanic pumice, Isokern materials enhance all the natural benefits of a wood-burning fireplace. With eco-friendly materials, along with effective and efficient insulating properties, Isokern is the safest fireplace on the market.

With Isokern by Earthcore Industries, we make fire… better.

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