How to Light Wood Fires Efficiently

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How to Light Wood Fires Effienctly

Wood-burning fireplace fans, take note! Consider these tips for lighting your fire efficiently:

From the Start

Make sure your firebox and chimney are designed for wood burning. For the most efficient, open wood burning fireplace in North America, look to Isokern. Isokern features genuine volcanic pumice, a natural insulator, that reflects heat into the room without escaping through the fireplace material. Isokern offers a Green Tech Solution for wood burning fireplaces that reduces particulate smoke and emissions, and is qualified under the EPA’s voluntary Burn Wise Program. It’s the cleanest fire you’ll ever have.

Choosing Firewood

The wood you choose makes all the difference. Look for low moisture content, since the drier the wood, the easier it is to light. Pro tip: use seasoned wood. When wood is set out in a dry environment for a minimum of 6 months, the water stored in the logs evaporate and are ideal for burning. The fresher the wood, the less efficiently it burns! 


Two popular lighting methods: Bottom-up and Top-down.
Bottom-up is a traditional method, where you place kindling and work your way up to arranging the largest logs on top. The top-down method is quicker to light and its fires produce less smoke, making it our recommendation. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1.  Open all vents, including the damper and outside air kit (if your fireplace has one).
  2. You’ll need a cast iron grate to hold the wood in place. Then start adding your logs.
  3. Add your thickest logs at the bottom. Then work your way up, adding a layer of smaller logs on top.
  4. Follow with your choice of kindling and firelighters.

Air Circulation is Key

The most vital piece of your wood-burning puzzle is air circulation. A fire without air will extinguish. A cast iron grate ensures air will reach from under the fire. Another tip is to stack wood logs strategically so that air can get to the fire between the layers. 

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