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Isokern brand products expand into the Outdoor Living Segment

The Isokern® brand of products originates from Denmark, where the art of modular masonry construction was perfected over 80 years ago.

Utilizing volcanic Icelandic pumice sourced from the Mt Hekla Volcano, Danish engineers created chimney and fireplace component systems. This same technology was then introduced to North America in 1987 as the Isokern® modular component fireplace, forever changing the landscape of masonry fireplace construction. In 1989 under the direction of CEO Carl Spadaro, Isokern® became the standard for modular masonry fireplaces & chimney construction in North America. 

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What is Burnie Grill?

Burnie Grill is an ultra-eco-friendly grill that coincides with Earthcore’s ecosophy. A Burnie is an ingenious single-use, self-burning portable grill made from 100% natural Alder Wood. Simple-to-use and environmentally-friendly, Burnies contain no chemicals, make food taste better, and can return safely to the earth, leaving behind no waste or messy cleanup.

Originally developed in Latvia, a Baltic state in Northern Europe, Burnie Grills utilize a centuries-old Nordic technique for burning Alder Wood stumps, a slow-burning, sustainable hardwood.  This gives meats, fish and vegetables a pleasantly smoky aroma and unique alder wood flavor.

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Based in Jacksonville, Florida, Stonecore’s 10 acre facility provides the region with Mother Nature’s finest work from all over the world. Our natural products are a phenomenal addition to any type of property, commercial or residential. 

If you wish to become a dealer or distributor of our product, or you would like to integrate our product into your projects, or need to speak to a local representative, please contact us today.