Icelandic Pumice

Making Your Garden Grow...Better.

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Perfect for landscaping, potting, & irrigation

100% Pure Icelandic Pumice

We source only the purest pumice from the Mt. Hekla Volcano in Iceland.  The properties of pumice make it the best possible material to use in your gardening year round. 

From indoor house plants, to fields of crops, the pumice acts as an ideal growing media since it can store water while retaining oxygen, allowing the root system to grow stronger and thrive.


Allergy Friendly

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Natural Ingredients

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Recycled Material

Benefits of Pumice

  • Pumice allows microbial life to thrive while maintaining soil structure
  • Pumice retains nutrients which would otherwise drain through soil
  • Pumice has no harmful erosion, organic materials or byproducts
  • Pumice will retain moisture longer for healthier rooting systems
  • Pumice retains oxygen, important for plant health
  • Pumice absorbs runoff from harmful fertilizers
  • Pumice is environmentally clean
  • Pumice is extremely porous
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Planting Instructions

Dig a hole for your plant. Place a layer of pumice at the bottom of the hole.  Then mix 50% pumice with 50% soil. Place plant in hole and fill with mixture.
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For Better Watering

Create a channel surrounding the plant area approx. 12 inches (30 cm) away from the hole.  Then follow the planting instructions.

Applications for the Product

To improve drainage, rooting and increase the water-holding capacity and oxygen content, adding as little as 10% pumice is enough to see benefits. Here is what we recommend: 

Defining Green

We utilize nature’s finest material that leaves less than a 1% carbon footprint. All of which means you enjoy your fireplace and chimney with the peace of mind that you’re contributing to a cleaner planet.

From reclaiming pumice out of vast lava fields to our state-of-art production facility, all our products are recyclable.

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If you wish to become a dealer or distributor of our product, or you would like to integrate our product into your projects, or need to speak to a local representative, please contact us today.