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How We Make Fire...Better.

Isokern fireplace materials are designed to provide a safer and more efficient material for your home. Our company brings design build technology to meet your project’s design specifications. With over 80 years of Danish technology and unparalleled performance, Earthcore’s Isokern brand has become the most trusted modular component fireplace system in the world.

Since 1989, our dedicated network of over 500 dealers and 3 distribution centers have proudly provided exceptional products and unmatched customer service. We also protect the environment: we leave no carbon footprint, utilizing and recycling what Mother Nature has provided us with less than 1% waste.

Born In the Heart of Mt. Hekla

Extracted from Iceland’s Mount Hekla volcano, Earthcore’s products are made from genuine volcanic pumice. Pumice stone forms underneath volcanic molten lava as water and gasses escape while cooling. Earthcore has exclusive rights to mine this high-grade material from a 25-mile long volcanic fissure and the volcano itself, which rises to a height of 5,000 feet. Believed to be about 7,000 years old, Mt. Hekla, and other central volcanoes like it, can remain active for around 100,000 years. With durability like that, it’s no wonder our fireplaces are guaranteed for life.

Pumice: An All-Natural Insulator

Pumice is a natural insulator. This is the unique characteristic that separates Isokern from all other chimney and fireplace manufacturers. The insulating properties of our pumice allow Isokern fireplaces to reflect heat into the room while preventing heat to escape through the material. Our chimney systems allow flue gasses to heat faster, burn cleaner, creating better performance.

Innovation Laboratory

In 2019, we completed our new innovation production laboratory to begin manufacturing our patented modulated gas fuel delivery system. After many years of research, we now have the ability to produce cost-effective opportunities in decorative gas fire features that go well beyond what markets offer today. All of our new offerings are made using high quality stainless steel that appeal to consumers who demand products that last a lifetime. This lab enables us to create more synergy between our pumice products and new inventions.

If you wish to become a dealer/distributor of our product or you would like to integrate our product into your projects, contact us today.