Presenting: The Maximus Linear Series

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Presenting: The Maximus Linear

The new Isokern Maximus Linear series features the same high quality Isokern fireplace solutions, now in a new sleek, modern design.

Isokern's Maximus Linear Series:

The new Maximus Linear Series is the latest addition to the beautiful, traditional and custom Isokern fireplaces. This series includes patented quick connect fuel burners for a diversity of media choices of colored glass or high quality driftwood logs. Featuring both open front and glass front direct vent type solutions, our contemporary designs are up to 10 feet. As with all Isokern Fireplaces, the modular design build components allow for quick, lightweight and affordable installations in any application.

Linear Fireplace Design:

In both the residential and commercial markets, contemporary design openings (ribbon fire) are popular when envisioning an entire wall with detailed mantels and hearths. Linear fireplaces are installed and streamlined flush with their surroundings, with rectangle-shaped openings and sleek design.


The elegant, modern simplicity of the Isokern Maximus Linear Fireplace models do not limit the adaptability of its design. Builders, designers, and architects have specified this model with endless customizations — such as corner openings, see-throughs, peninsulas, and bay adaptations. With its original, stunning design and its striking customizations, it’s clear why the Maximus Linear Series Fireplace has become a favorite among specification professionals and homeowners.

The Benefits of Isokern:

Over the last 30 years, Earthcore has perfected the modular masonry fireplace and chimney systems, using an 80-year-old Danish technology. With its natural, lightweight, and fire-resistant properties, Isokern Fireplaces are constructed using volcanic pumice stone sourced from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla. Due to its location near the Arctic Circle, this material possesses the highest insulating properties. This unique characteristic allows Isokern Fireplaces to heat faster, burn cleaner, and offer better performance.

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