Improving the Sustainability of Your Wood-Burning Fire

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Improving the Sustainability of Your Wood-Burning Fire

Nothing matches the ambiance and nostalgia of a wood-burning fireplace. However, in today’s heightened awareness of global responsibility, what are the ways to reduce the environmental impact of using one? There are many factors to consider:

Type of Firebox:

While steel fire-boxes are a budget-friendly option, their lifespan is limited, they do not put out as much heat, and their overall look is unimpressive. Imagine burning wood fires in an office filing cabinet without the drawers. Choosing a firebox constructed of the highest-quality material can make a difference you can see and feel. 

Isokern fireplaces are made of lightweight masonry components using Icelandic volcanic pumice. This material matters since pumice is refractive, with insulative properties, offering warmth, longevity and, above all, is environmentally clean. 

Wood to Burn:

Burning wood is globally accepted as a carbon-neutral process. But it’s important to consider the type of wood to burn in a fireplace. Softer wood doesn’t burn as hot as hard wood and one type versus the other directly affects the efficiency of the fire. Remember, DO NOT burn green wood – it contains a lot of moisture, doesn’t burn well, and can cause damage to your chimney. 

It’s also important to know from where the wood is sourced. For example, if your wood is sourced a close distance from your home, that’s an easy way to cut down on carbon impact if you consider transportation and other factors. 

Where’s the best source? Your local Isokern Fireplace dealer is a great place to start. 

Green Tech Catalytic Combustor Enhancement from Isokern:

Another easy way to improve sustainability and environmental impact is to implement a catalytic combustor like the Isokern GreenTech Solution. The GreenTech is a catalytic combustor  exclusively made for Isokern fireplaces. The Green Tech is designed to retrofit into any Isokern fireplace with the ability to reduce emissions by 80%. Green Tech offers: 

  • EPA Phase II Qualification
  • Reduction of Particulate Emissions by up-to 80%
  • Rated for both solid (wood) and gas burning fireplaces
  • Retrofits into any masonry fireplace with damper

Isokern Fireplaces by Earthcore Industries are considered to be the only true “green” fireplaces made in the USA.:

Since 1989, Earthcore continues to create and deliver earth-friendly products utilizing volcanic stone from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla. The clean, pure pumice is free of volatile organic (inert) material and is lightweight and fire-resistant, making all the products highly insulating. The pumice is reclaimed from vast lava fields and then transported to Earthcore’s factory in Virginia, where the Isokern brand fireplaces and chimneys are manufactured using an over 80-year-old Danish technology. They exceed EPA standards for wood and gas fuel burning.   We are proud to be the leader in green fireplaces and chimneys, and a carbon-neutral company.  To find out more, contact us today 

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