Isokern Fireplaces: Our Process

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Isokern Fireplaces: Our Process

Over the last 30 years, Isokern Fireplaces has perfected the modular masonry fireplace, using pure Icelandic volcanic pumice. Here is how We Make Fire…Better:

Where It Begins:

Why Pumice?

Isokern products are specifically designed with volcanic pumice stone because of its natural, lightweight, fire-resistant properties. Using an 80-year-old Danish technology, refined by Earthcore, Isokern Fireplaces are refractive and highly insulating.

Why does Earthcore source from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla Volcano?

Earthcore has exclusive rights to mine in Iceland from the Mt. Hekla volcano. This material is scientifically proven to have the highest insulating properties due to its location near the Artic Circle.

Made in the USA, from Mother Nature

What makes Earthcore’s production process unique?

Isokern products are constructed in Earthcore’s fully automated, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Chesapeake, VA where no human hands touch the parts in the production process.

How are Isokern products eco-friendly?

All Isokern products are made of pumice material free of volatile organic material and which has a 1% carbon footprint. With the assistance of our proprietary Green Tech solution, our fireplaces exceed EPA standards for wood and gas fuel burning, helping reduce greenhouse particulates by 80%. Isokern components are 100% recyclable.

Post-production: Connecting with our Customers

After production, how does Earthcore reach our customers?

Since 1989, Earthcore has utilized its dedicated network of over 600 dealers, 3 distribution centers, and 9 sales offices to install, design and build exceptional products with unmatched service and support.

How do Isokern products utilize design-build technology?

Isokern products are modular and fully customizable to meet any design challenges and project specifications.

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