Earthcore’s New Brand Video

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Earthcore's New Brand Video

Earthcore Industries, the manufacturer of Isokern brand Fireplaces, has produced a new brand video which offers an in-depth look into the company’s origins, processes, and innovations.

The video is particularly relevant at a time when most companies have backlogs or are dependent on other countries for supply: Earthcore always has an abundance of inventory and everything is produced in the USA. And at a time when focus on environmentally conscious products and construction are on the rise, Earthcore have been on the forefront as a carbon neutral company since its inception.

“Earthcore was the first to introduce lightweight modular solutions to the fireplace industry.  For over 31 years, we have been the leader in the developing greatly improved and safer fireplaces, and we are proud to say everything is made right here in the United States,” says Earthcore’s CEO Carl Spadaro. “While our volcanic stone comes from Iceland, our factory in Virginia is where we create our Isokern products that are then used for modular fireplaces, chimneys, outdoor kitchens, fire tables, and more.”

One of the areas of focus in the video is how Earthcore is an earth-friendly company, using 100% clean Icelandic pumice stone as the main ingredient in all of its products. Pumice is a natural, highly insulating and fire-resistant property. This makes all of Earthcore’s products recyclable.

Please find the link to the video here:

About Earthcore Industries

Earthcore designs Isokern custom luxury fireplaces. After 80 years of unparalleled performance in the construction industry, the Isokern brand fireplace line has become the most trusted modular fireplace system in the world. Isokern brand products are made from the cleanest, purest pumice that is extracted from Iceland’s Mt. Hekla volcano. Earthcore’s Isokern fireplaces are deliberately designed to highlight a home’s aesthetics, accentuate its architecture, and offer ultimate safety. Since 1989, Earthcore has proudly provided exceptional products combined with unmatched customer service from its 10 solution centers and dedicated network of more than 500 dealers.

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