Top Rated Fireplace Manufacturer

A fireplace is an asset for every family. It also increases the value of a home. But the architecture behind it gives homes a beautiful and luxurious interior design. If you’re looking for the best fireplace manufacturers to ensure your fireplace is done correctly, Earthcore Industries is the company for you.



Who Are We?

Since 1989, our devoted network of more than 500 vendors and three dispersion places have gladly given exceptional items and unrivaled client support. We have set the norm for secluded stonework chimneys and smokestack development in North America. 

With more than 80 years of Danish design and unrivaled execution, Earthcore’s Isokern image has become the most confided in the chimney framework’s secluded part on earth. Designers and Architects support us. We likewise ensure our climate support, meaning we leave no carbon impression. 

While our items are continually developing and improving, our essentials continue as before –: we maintain first-rate client care. Earthcore industries bring configuration to construct innovation to meet your standards. 


Among the products we’re offering, there’s no doubt they’re quality products. We’re the best fireplace manufacturers. Don’t believe us? Property Brothers might tell you if you ask them. Isokern fireplace materials are intended to give a more secure and more useful material for your home. 

Our organization fabricates for innovation. Therefore, Isokern fireplace materials are designed to provide a more secure and valuable material for your home. What makes Isokern items different is the exclusive Icelandic pumice we source and use for our assembling cycle. 

We have taken that idea much further with our line-up of open-air pieces that incorporate the Iso-ven wood consuming pizza stove and Isopanel open-air kitchen framework.

Type of Fireplaces

Among the products we offer, our models go from both Wood Burning Fireplaces and Gas Burning Fireplaces. We’ll tell you what makes them so different. 

Standard Fireplace 

This model is called standard due to its practicality. It can be built for indoor and outdoor applications and can be for both gas and fire burning. 

Wood Burning Oven Pizza

This model was crafted for easy installation. The Iso’ven wood-burning pizza oven comes with everything you need to enjoy an authentic Neapolitan cooking experience. If you want an Italianesque outdoor space, this type of luxury fireplace is to suit your luxurious home.

Custom Isokern Fireplace 

Earthcore Industries takes pride in offering customized fireplaces. If you have an idea of a fireplace that can fit into your luxurious home, just ask one of our representatives, and we do the rest for you.

Make Your Luxurious Dreams Come True

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Talk to one of our representatives and let us do the rest. At Earthcore Industries, you and your luxurious home are safe. We offer quality design and outstanding craftsmanship.