The Power of Pumice

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The Power of Pumice

From new construction to backyard gardens, pumice is a great addition.
Here’s why:

Why Pumice

It’s truly one of nature’s greatest inventions. Pumice was once molten lava that, when cooled, forms a one-of-a-kind volcanic stone. While cooling, small air pockets form, resulting in a material that is lightweight, highly insulating, highly refractive, and highly absorbent. Depending on the application, pumice is used in a wide variety of industries. 

Sustainable Resource

Pumice is an all-natural, sustainable material that is abundantly available, produced from volcanoes around the world. The natural durability of pumice is centuries old, as well as recyclable.  

Plant Power

Boost your indoor and outdoor plants with the addition of pumice in your soil mix. Its natural design creates aerating pores for your soil to allow developing roots to grow stronger. It also prevents over- or under-watering by absorbing excess water while retaining water for dry periods. With options like Earthcore Industries’ Pure Icelandic Potting Pumice, you can see the benefits by adding as little as 10% of the pumice material to your potting mix. 

Planting  Tip:  Try top-dressing with pumice. Place pumice on top of your soil and around your plant to prevent pests like fungus gnats in your indoor plants. This will also absorb excess water pooling around your plants outside. 

Top Choice for Construction

Pumice provides a lightweight solution to heavy building materials. When mixed with cement, adding pumice creates a lighter product while maintaining durability and integrity. Its airy structure also provides incredible insulating properties. Pumice is even used in constructing the safest, most efficient fireplaces in the world – Isokern Fireplaces by Earthcore Industries.

How Earthcore Uses Pumice

When it comes to harnessing the power of pumice, you can trust Earthcore Industries. For over 30 years, Earthcore has improved and innovated the Isokern system, an over 80 year old Danish technology, to create their signature, top-rated fireplace and chimney systems. The Isokern fireplace brand is renowned for its incredible insulation properties, safety, efficiency and affordability. The key behind their one-of-a-kind products? Earthcore’s proprietary pumice material that’s sourced from Iceland’s Mount Hekla volcano. Its close proximity to the arctic circle means that Earthcore’s pure pumice material is extracted without contaminants and  organic erosion, ensuring superior quality.  

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