Dreamy Outdoor Fireplace For Pizza Oven

Over the years, pizza has become a favorite food for many, and honestly, who doesn’t love a slice of pizza? In fact, why comfort yourself with just a slice when you can enjoy an entire pizza in the comfort of your home. Preparing your favorite meal has never been more comfortable with the best equipment and a luxury backyard pizza oven. 


Outdoor Pizza Oven

There is no point in having a breathtaking and substantial outdoor space at home if you don’t have a wood-burning pizza oven to prepare your favorite pizzas and satisfy your never-ending cravings. Pizza ovens are great for entertaining guests and are an elegant addition to your outdoor dining space. 

The best part is that you are not limited to preparing just pizzas. You can also use an outdoor pizza oven for cooking all your favorite foods, including burgers, steaks, and sausages. Imagine cooking in the best wood-burning oven in the world for your family and friends while holding a glass of wine and in the comfort of your home. A dream come true for all passionate pizza lovers. 


A wood-burning pizza oven is a perfect acquisition for your home. These finest ovens can light up quickly with a heat temperature up to 930 F and will cook exquisite pizzas in a matter of minutes. Get an instant taste of Italy with your homemade pizzas. 

Ideal Place To Shop 

Earthcore Industries is the ideal place for you to get your wood-burning pizza oven. Ovens are made exclusively from volcanic material to give your outdoor space an elegant and luxurious appearance. 

We offer accessory kits for you to enhance the pleasure of your cooking experience. Our kits include a variety of tools to give the preparation of your pizzas a magical touch. Take advantage of your outdoor space with a unique luxury backyard pizza oven designed exclusively for your home. 

Earthcore Industries brings you the finest pizza ovens to give your house a genuinely Italian cuisine experience. Prepare yourself because, with our pizza oven, we guarantee you a lifetime full of Italian food, because once you take the first bite, there is no going back.