Burn Wood Again with the Clean Burning and Environmentally Friendly GreenTech Solution from Earthcore®!

Wood: Earth’s Only Renewable Fuel Source the First Masonry EPA Phase 2 Qualified Clean Wood Burning Fireplace

Available for New Construction and Retro-Fits

Florida, October 15 – Earthcore welcomes the Isokern GreenTech Solution for Residential and Commercial clean wood burning indoor and outdoor fireplaces. As the first US EPA Phase 2 approved modular refractory wood burning fireplace, the GreenTech 36C is poised to become the new standard addition to all open wood burning fireplaces as part of the global initiative to reduce green house emissions.

With its easy to install components, the Isokern GreenTech 36C allows the homeowner to experience the warmth and comfort of a traditional wood burning fireplace, suitable for interior or exterior applications, while contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment. As the only listed and approved wood burning masonry fireplace in the United States, Earthcore’s exclusive GreenTech Solution is a product which consists of an Isokern firebox and our exclusive GreenTech 36C which is a catalytic combustor that provides a secondary ignition point for the wood smoke before leaving the firebox. The GreenTech Solution has reduced wood smoke emissions from wood burning fireplaces to 2.9 g/kg, well below the EPA voluntary program Phase 2 emissions level of 5.1 g/kg. The GreenTech Solution is the cleanest burning open hearth fireplace currently qualified under EPA’s voluntary Burn Wise fireplace program. Within the next few years, Air Quality Management Departments around the world will require all wood burning fireplaces to meet EPA Phase 2 Standards.

Earthcore’s new catalytic wood burning fireplace solution is designed to reduce particulate smoke and emissions by as much as 90%. The direct flame on the catalytic surface actually cleans the unit, which creates a maintenance free technology. The Catalyst nano-technology is easily adaptable to any masonry fireplace or any Isokern fireplace system, new or existing. Through advanced catalytic filter integration, efficiency increases dramatically with the GreenTech Solution and particulate matter exhaust is removed. The easily replaceable catalytic filter system requires no regular servicing and is exclusively available from Earthcore for use on existing retro-fit interior or exterior applications. In combination with the proprietary volcanic pumice material utilized by Earthcore in their Isokern fireplaces, the system offers significant heat efficiency by requiring less fuel. The GreenTech Solution can be specified and installed in a variety of settings and architectural finishes making a logical choice for professionals and developers worldwide. Homeowners can switch back to indoor and outdoor wood burning fireplaces while having the peace of mind knowing that they are contributing to a cleaner environment.

“Innovative clean technology is what we at Earthcore obligate ourselves to, and the GreenTech fireplace is testimony to that fact”, said Carl Spadaro, CEO of Earthcore, “For the first time, we can truly offer clean burning fireplace technology around the globe which exceeds EPA requirements here in the US. Residential and commercial owners can now burn wood guilt free while contributing to a clean environment”.

Do your part in contributing to a healthy environment with the advanced technology exclusively available from Earthcore.

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