Looking to spruce up the exterior of your home? You’re not alone. According to the American Institute of Architects, 70% of five hundred architecture firms reported an increase in requests for outdoor living from clients. The result is a multitude of choices now available to help you re-envision the space, so many that it’s almost overwhelming. But there’s one way to quickly and effectively upgrade your outdoor space (and potentially get you as much as a 67% return on your investment): add a fire feature. It’s just a matter of what kind of fire you choose, an outdoor fireplace versus a fire table.

Materials to Consider

Since the outdoors – heat, humidity, rain and snow – can take a toll on any outdoor fire feature, make sure to first consider which materials to use. That’s why we recommend the Isokern brand. Isokern uses natural Icelandic pumice (volcanic ash) that comes from Mother Nature and is made to stand up to all weather-related elements. The pumice is eco-friendly, refractive, long-lasting, and extremely safe.

The Outdoor Fireplace

Next, it’s time to decide what feature works best for your space: outdoor fireplace or fire table? There are many pros to each. Fireplaces are classic, adding a focal point to any outdoor space. The Isokern fireplaces come in sizes of 36″ all the way up to 120,” with endless, unique finishing options. Plus, the Isokern fireplace can even be a weekend project for an advanced DIYer.

The Outdoor Fire Table

Fire tables take the classic fire pit and upgrade it with a burner and decorative fire glass media. With this feature, there’s no wrestling with firewood or unsuccessful attempts to get a fire started. A simple light of a match gets your fire table glowing. Isokern customizes fire tables to any design needs, with stone, stucco, or tile finishes.

Whichever kind of flame you choose to flicker in your outdoor space, utilizing the Isokern brand will make your investment a lasting one. To find out more, please contact your local Isokern sales representative today.