Remodeling or building a new home — and looking for a fireplace that will match your design style? Then look no further than the Isokern fireplace. With its modular masonry components and versatility, the Isokern fireplace fits perfectly into any design and home.

​The way you pair wine with any dinner is how we look to pair our fireplaces. Here are some design styles that are compatible with Isokern fireplace models:

Arts and Crafts​​
The Arts and Crafts design style first became popular between 1910 and 1925. With nature as its inspiration, it’s all about the simplicity of form, which highlights the quality of materials used.

This craftsmanship style lends itself to the original modular masonry fireplace, the Standard series. The Isokern Standard was the first modular masonry fireplace to hit the market back in the 1980s, taking the art of the traditional scratch-built masonry fireplace to the next level. With its ease of installation and classic design, Isokern simplified the site-built masonry process.

Classic Farmhouse
​The Classic Farmhouse design style evokes the humble beginnings of Americana living. The simple, rustic decor is the result of the original settlers’ need for practicality. Whether it’s Classic Farmhouse style or the Modern, which enhances comfort and adds more contemporary elements, the key to this design is encouraging traditional gatherings around the fireplace.

The Magnum Series, with its impressive opening of up to 72” wide, defines this style of living, allowing family and friends to enjoy a warm, large fire.

The Coastal style features the natural light and airy feel of the ocean. With hues of white, green, and blue, Coastal is all about natural materials and fabrics, seaside accessories and furnishings, with an emphasis on a relaxed style of living.

The Isokern Vent Free series lends itself well to this lifestyle, given its ease of use and availability of a decorative gas log set. With the push of a button, you can turn on your fireplace while enjoying that coastal breeze.

​Modern design style is about simplicity: strong lines, neutral color palette, the use of materials like metal and steel, and saying goodbye to unnecessary details.

With a long linear design, the Maximus Linear Series has opening sizes up to 10 feet wide by 20 inches tall, and offers options of colored glass media or an extensive glass front. It is sure to add just the right spark to any modern space.

Warm color palettes with rustic touches of Old World design are the inspiration for the Mediterranean style. Evoking its Spanish and Italian origins, it combines simplicity with convenience and boldness, using heavy wood features, large spaces, and raw iron and metalwork.

These characteristics lend themselves to the expansively tall opening of the Bvetto Series Fireplace. With its opening height of up 50” tall, the Bvetto gas fireplace makes a statement in any room, adding just the right touch to the Mediterranean design. Contact Earthcore to talk with an expert!