A fireplace is designed to contain a fire, an architectural structure that emits warmth in one’s home. Fireplaces are used these days it seems mostly for the ambiance they create and for the added textural design to a home’s decor. However, historically they were used for more practical everyday purposes like cooking, and even heating water for baths, and laundry. They also served as a gathering place within the home, as they still are today. The main fireplace was usually centered within a room, allowing more people to gather around it…creating such terms as, “gather ‘round” and “gatherings”. Who doesn’t want to gather around a cozy, crackling fire with a nip of wine, a platter of nibbles and soulful conversations?


Before gas and electric ovens, the indoor fireplace was used daily to prepare food. Today it is known as hearth cooking and is becoming a renewed trend for entertaining. Cooking in an indoor fireplace may seem a bit complex, but if your up for a unique experience or just for fun it really is a must-try, remember to keep it simple and safe. The poetry of using the hearth and the flame to create a memorable evening is a magical method used throughout the ages. Offer your family and friends a charming yet affordable night of fireside entertainment. Most of the equipment you will need is more than likely already in your home or kitchen.




The most important step is to open the flue of the fireplace. As exposure to high levels of carbon monoxide can be fatal. Move all flammable items far from the fireplace.While handling anything near the fireplace or grill wear fireproof mittens. Use fireplace tongs, (preferably long tongs) to arrange or move anything exposed to fire or hot embers.


Using a fireplace insert for a cooking method is very much like cooking over a gas or charcoal grill. The basic difference is the way the temperature is controlled. Using a fireplace insert, which is sometimes referred to as a fireplace grill, must be done over hot embers, not over a raging fire. Below is a simple start for you to become more acclimated with indoor hearth cooking, an insert is not necessary for the preparation of this appetizer.



2 eggplants 4 garlic cloves 3 scallions 1 thumb sized ginger root sea salt ground pepper, to taste 1 tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 2 pita bread slices

Start a large fire. When the wood has turned to glowing embers, after about 25-30 minutes, carefully place the eggplants, one by one, on the glowing embers. Leave them until they are soft all over and the skin is shrivelled. Remove the eggplants from the fire, brush off any ashes and return to the kitchen. Cut open the eggplants carefully, keeping the ashes from the touching the inside of the eggplant. Scrape off the flesh from the eggplant carefully with a spoon, avoiding any black areas. (As ashes are quite caustic, you will want to pay close attention to this detail). Allow eggplant to cool. Drizzle oil in a sautee pan and over medium high heat add garlic, scallions and ginger. Sautee until translucent. Remove from heat and place in a small bowl. Mash garlic, scallions and ginger into a paste. Add the eggplant pulp to the paste and combine well. Place mixture into a serving bowl, season with sea salt and fresh ground pepper & serve with sliced, warmed pita bread. Pour a nip of red and enjoy.

Cheers to new memories

From the Earthcore family to yours…and remember to keep those home fires burning!

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