Being a homeowner these days seems to come with more cost than it does reward. Like driving a car off the lot, you never know when the market will leave you upside down on your investment.

But what if you could guarantee your home would turn a profit years from now, with one easy project? Well finally, here is some good news: maximizing your home’s value can easily be achieved by adding an outdoor kitchen.

Outdoor living areas perform as an extension of your home. More square footage = more value added, meaning more money back in your pocket. You’ll also find that it can improve other areas of your home. Tired backyard in need of revival? An outdoor kitchen could bring out its fullest potential. What once was a patch of grass and stand-alone grill is now an outdoor oasis with countless amenities at your fingertips. This article even declares that outdoor kitchens will give you a luxury experience.

There are a lot of ways to complete a project like this, but going with a big box store definitely isn’t a recommended option! They often source cheap materials that can break down in extreme weather conditions, leaving you without an outdoor kitchen in as little as 5 years from now! Instead, try looking for a local company that manufactures and installs their own product. A company that checks both of these boxes is Earthcore Industries, who just launched an all-new Iso-outdoor Modular Kitchen System.

Earthcore has been making modular products out of pure volcanic pumice for over 30 years. Pumice is a natural insulator, proving to be highly durable and weather-resistant, guaranteeing a long-lasting result. Using this as a building material ensures a great return on investment. They also offer you a full range of layout options, finishes, and upgrades all-in-one comprehensive package. And better yet, financing is available for as low as 99$/month!

But the best part? The value of having an outdoor living space in your home is only increasing. According to this article, some homeowners saw a 55% return on investment, while others have reported a 100% and even 200% as a possibility.

Between the increased time spent with family and friends and the return on investment seen when selling your home, there is really no way you could go wrong with an outdoor kitchen addition. Making your home into a money maker has never been so easy.

For more information on the Iso-outdoor program, visit or call 1-833-476-5376.


Finished Iso-outdoor Kitchen