Dried herb bundles are easy to make & adds a waft of fragrance, that creates a bit of old world coziness throughout ones home. Use a bundle of herbs with kindling in your fireplace to infuse the mood of your environment. Aromatherapy is known to have a considerable influence on our emotions. Sniffing clary sage, for example, can quell panic, while the fragrance released by peeling an orange can make you feel more optimistic. Since your mind strongly influences your health and is itself a powerful healing tool, it makes aromatherapy’s potential even more exciting. Nothing is more relaxing than a wonderful fragrance emerging from the flames. Make these aromatic bundles to toss ino your fire…and add a bit of enchantment & calm to your home this evening.

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Cut a 5-6 inch square out of the brown paper bag. (To use newspaper, simply cut a medium square of paper, place a handful of dried herbs, roll & tie at both ends.)

Add any combination of dried herbs you wish to the middle of the square created. You can combine the dried orange peel and rosemary with the small pine cone or simply just some lavender. Get creative and try different dried herbs.

Pull up the four corners of the square of paper and twist to enclose the scented items. Tie with a piece of raffia or twine. Repeat steps 1 through 3 if you’re making several bundles.

Place the bundles in a decorative basket next to your fireplace (of course away from heat & in a safe place) or wood stove to be tossed in at your whim & fancy.

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Through a necessity of survival to its useful and ornamental desires today, the ever stimulating element of wood fire have, through centuries and civilizations, been the creative impulse for some of the most original forms of survival, entertainment and ambiance. Today, wood fire embodies the largest need to survival around the globe to billions of inhabitants, yet is not sought to be as important in modern societies. For that matter the use of herbs evokes an ancient yet new form of aromatherapy while utilizing a natural renewable source of fuel; wood. The regrowth of herbs and trees which have a determined life cycle have a use to enhance your environment with renewed consciousness. In an ever changing world, when fossil fuels and natural gas supplies are depleted, we see a hightened sense of wood fuel as a primary energy source being revitalized.

At Earthcore we recognize the sensitivity of renewable fuel sources that are natural to our existence and enviroment. We utilize a natural born material from volcanic activity to enhance the quality and efficiency of wood fire. Although made for any fuel source, Isokern materials are a perfect insulating source to increase the efficiency of any fire. Adding herbs enhances the pleasure of knowing your burning a renewabe source from mother natures own material, which is only found in Isokern fireplaces.

Cheers to you and yours & always keep your home fires burning