Earthcore Does it Again:
EPA Qualifies another Isokern Fireplace
The Largest Clean Burning Fireplace on the Market

Jacksonville, Florida. October 10, 2011 – Earthcore, a Jacksonville, FL based company, is proud to announce an addition to the Isokern EPA Phase 2 Qualified line of GreenTech (GT) products. With an impressive maximum opening size of 6 feet, Earthcore introduces the Isokern Magnum 86072 Model. The GT Magnum 86072 is the largest clean burning fireplace qualified under the EPA Phase 2 Burn Wise Program and is available with either a 5 or 6 foot opening.

Utilizing a dual catalytic combustor hood our GT Magnum 86072 qualified for the EPA Phase 2 Burnwise Program with an impressive burn rate of 4.8 g/kg and joins the GreenTech 36C (burn rate of 2.9 g/kg and accepted by the State of Washington).

With its easy to install components, the GT Magnum 86072 allows the homeowner to experience the warmth and comfort of a traditional wood burning fireplace, suitable for interior or exterior applications, while contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment. Utilizing a dual catalytic combustor hood that can be installed in a new or existing Isokern Magnum 86072 Earthcore once again satisfies consumer needs with an environmental conscience and allows the homeowner to burn wood cleanly. The direct flame on the catalytic surface actually cleans the unit, which creates a maintenance free technology. The Catalyst nano-technology can also be easily retro-fit and is EPA qualified to any existing Magnum 60 or 72. Through advanced catalytic filter integration, efficiency increases dramatically with the GreenTech Solution and particulate matter exhaust is removed. The easily replaceable system requires no regular servicing and is exclusively available from Earthcore.

In combination with the proprietary volcanic pumice material utilized by Earthcore in Isokern fireplaces, the system offers significant heat efficiency by requiring less fuel. The GreenTech Solution can be specified and installed in a variety of settings and architectural finishes making a logical choice for professionals and developers worldwide.

About Earthcore

Earthcore is a 21 year old Jacksonville, Florida based corporation which designs, manufactures and distributes modular products made from volcanic pumice stone utilizing a proprietary recipe which exhibits high insulation values and energy efficiency. The GreenTech Fireplace filtration system is estimated to last 3-5 years depending on annual use and is easily replaceable. Earthcore is a corporation focused on clean environmentally friendly solutions for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Reduction of greenhouse emissions through clean exhaust, reduced particulates, base fuel efficiency, increase combustion energy and high insulation value are all ways of finding friendly energy solutions from within. ####