Fireplaces seem to enliven the spirit of ones home, and tend to be the focal point of soulful gatherings, toe-warming respites, and romantic moments. However, currently air quality management districts are picking a natural occurring phenom and that is wood burning.


According to evironmental protection agencies wood buring puts particulates in the air and open fireplaces are not a good source of heat. Unfortunately, wood burning is just as important to our environment as volcanic activity which puts particulates in the atomsphere to create clouds which we need to cool the Earth. We wonder if the EPA along with massive oil and gas companies would lobby to put a moratorium on vocanic activity! In as much wood burning in fireplaces is a primal human experience cooking with gas is a modern day expelation and not a renewable source of fuel such as wood is. Besides, wood buring in fireplaces is not a detrimental daily occurence and is more limited to seasonality. As far as heat efficiency Earthcore Industries, manufacturer of the Isokern products has made great strides to promote cleaner-burning wood fireplaces and is proud to intorduce the Isokern Green Tech Series, the cleanest burning masonry fireplace on the market today. These innovative fireplaces are EPA Phase 2 qualified and are listed on the EPA Website in the Burn Wise Program. Carl Spadaro

The Isokern Green Tech 36C was the first open masonry fireplace system to exceed EPA Phase 2 Program levels. The GT 36C is accepted by the State of Washington as one of its Clean Burning Fireplace options. As of December 21, 2012, the Isokern Standard Series models 36, 42, 46 and the Magnum Series models 36, 42, 48, 60 and 72 are all qualified EPA Phase 2.



With its easy to install component, the GT Magnum 86072 allows the homeowner to experience the warmth and comfort of a traditional wood burning fireplace, suitable for interior or exterior applications, while contributing to a cleaner, healthier environment. Utilizing a dual catalytic combustor hood that can be installed in a new or existing Isokern Magnum 86072 Earthcore once again satisfies consumer needs with an environmental conscience solution and allows the homeowner to burn wood responsibly.

The direct flame on the catalytic surface actually cleans the unit, which creates a maintenance free technology. The Catalyst nano-technology can also be easily retr-fitted to any wood burning masonry fireplace. Through advanced catalytic filter integration, efficiency increases dramatically with the GreenTech Solution and particulate matter exhaust is removed. The easily replaceable catalytic filter system requires no regular servicing and is exclusively available from Earthcore and can typically last up to five years with normal seasonal burning.


In combination with the proprietary volcanic pumice material utilized by Earthcore in Isokern fireplaces, the system offers significant reflective heat efficiency by requiring less fuel. The GreenTech Solution can be specified and installed in a variety of settings and architectural finishes making a logical choice for professionals and developers worldwide.

Additional Information:

EPA Program Qualified System Tested and Listed to:
ULC S610-87
EPA Phase 2 Burnwise Program
Washington State Approval

EPA Program Qualified System Documentation:
Listing on the EPA Website
Washington State Approval Website
Isokern 36C EPA Qualification Letter
Magnum 86072 EPA Qualification Letter
Full Line EPA Qualification Letter

The Catalytic Combustor System replaces in minutes and should be replaced at a minimum of 3 years with heavy use, and a maximum of 5 years with moderate use. The Combustor will have a tag attached to the insert for verification of authenticity. This tag should be kept in the homeowners’ files along with the Installation Manual.

EPA Phase 2 Qualification Letter – Standard 36-46 and Magnum 36-86072 Isokern Fireplaces
GreenTech 36C Dimensions
GreenTech 86072 Dimensions
Installation Manual