Masonry Fireplaces are beautifully sculpted out of mortar materials such as bricks, stone, concrete blocks and other materials that will stand the test of time. One of our favorite quotes is “behind every beautiful fireplace is an Isokern”. One certain material that stands out above all others, a truly innovative material that is synonymous with quality, efficiency and affordability is volcanic pumice extracted from Hekla Volcano in Iceland.

Pumice stone is a natural material and is the primary component of the Isokern makeup. This distinctive component is specified most by architects, designers, builders and homeowners for indoor or outdoor modular masonry fireplaces. All Isokern products are made with this natural component. Icelandic pumice is lightweight, allowing for quick and consistent fireplace and chimney system installation. Manufactured under strict quality assurance and testing guidelines ensures that each firebox or chimney component produced measures up to the highest of standards. Due to its modular construction, systems can be built in a shorter time and each system is similar with only slight variations in installation techniques.

Although summer is just around the corner and our fireplaces may not be being used quite as much now or in the upcoming months to heat our homes but decorating them can be terribly addictive. Make yours inviting, full of charm and personal. Your fireplace serves as not only to warm your home but serves also as a focal point and a place to gather, use your creativity to devise a quick makeover. Just as you decorate during the holidays with stockings, greeting cards and garland, your mantel can be just as magical during the spring/summer months. A living room mantel can become the main focal point by simply adding inspired elements such as mirrors, frames, candles, etc. Play around with interesting layers and have fun with different looks. Use books and trays to create marvelous depth and height, and note that symmetry is not always necessary when it comes to decorating.

Finding inspiration for your mantel makeover is not as daunting as it may seem. It’s all about eyes open wide…look everywhere for inspiration, it truly exists around each and every corner! Flip through old magazines on your coffee table, use nature as your muse…gather rocks, sea shells or dried herbs and display them in jars, or hop over to your favorite Pinterest page. Wishing you soaring inspirations, soulful decorating, and cozy nesting from our Earthcore family to yours.