Now more than ever custom home builders and owners are updating lifestyles, and living spaces, to be more organic. Among many reasons, some studies show that organic, rounded environments reduced stress and created more welcoming feelings over linear grid-based designs.

This is leading builders and owners to choose some design features a little more carefully, opting to include rustic materials like raw wood, stone finishes, and curved pieces to create spaces that feel inviting – not just look it.

One way to embrace this trend is with a custom looking fireplace. Instead of plain lines, opt for a curved design with Earthcore’s newly released Arch kits. All kits include a front arch with two custom cut sidewalls for ease of installation. Reinforced with rebar, these arches are also built to withstand the test of time. Bring interest to a typically overlooked home feature and add value to both home and heart with Earthcore’s Arch Kits.