A Boasting Testimonial for Isokern:

from John Budris, Editor/Writer/Co-owner of Vineyard Style Magazine

Hi Ross,

Just to refresh your memory: I first made contact with you back in January about possibly using an Isokern flue system to solve the problem of replacing a chimney in a very small space in an 1840 farmhouse I am restoring in New Brunswick, Canada. You had recommended the Isokern DM44, but at the time, the only inventory was out in California with prohibitive shipping costs.

As it turned out, on a subsequent phone call to Earthcore Industries about a month ago, I was referred to Marek Niziol of Euro Construction in Maine, about a five hour drive away. Marek agreed to deliver the material here to New Brunswick and instruct a local mason on the fine points of Isokern installation.

I am happy to say that one of two DM 44 flue systems was installed this weekend. And I could not have had a better experience. Marek’s boom truck was an indispensable aid in getting the chimney components to the peak of a 40-foot roof. As it turned out, Marek spent a few days here at my home enjoying the lake and surrounding bay.

If Isokern has some kind of ambassador award for distributors of its products, Marek is the guy to get it. His professionalism, skill and good nature combined are rare attributes in the world of construction. Not only did I get a first rate flue, but I also made a first rate friend.

During the weekend, many builders and contractors came to visit, and each was impressed not only by the product, but by Marek’s ability to communicate the integrity and value of Isokern to both the tradesman and homeowner alike. The local mason who handled the job is now confident that Marek’s guidance has him well-trained for future installations on his own. In the few days that Marek was here, several more jobs are about to be finalized – including a new Isokern fireplace for me – and we are now forging ahead with forming a business relationship here to serve the needs of Atlantic Canada from Marek’s distributor inventory in Maine.

In our telephone conversation back in January, you may remember that I mentioned that I am an editor, magazine writer and co-owner of Vineyard Style Magazine, a lifestyle and home & garden publication on Martha’s Vineyard island. I will be writing a piece about Marek and Isokern for one of our upcoming issues, and already have pitched my editors at the New York Times and Design New England Magazine. When the time comes for each of those, I hope your marketing department might be able to provide me with high resolution images. I do have a good number of shots of Marek from the weekend.

Once again, I am so grateful for finding Marek and Isokern.

Best regards,


At Work with Kevin Merrill

Dave Mayfield with The Virginian Pilot has done a write up on Kevin Merrill, our Process Technician, who works at our Manufacturing Facility in Chesapeake, Virginia. Read this great article to get a glimpse behind the scenes at our plant.

“Our products are the best you can get. We’ve got a fireplace that looks like fire and ice. It’s just beautiful, what our guys can do for your home.” – Kevin Merrill

Watch our Isokern: The Only video on the video page to learn more about the manufacturing process for Isokern Fireplaces & Chimney Systems.