Summer is arriving and with the allure of backyard bar-b-queing in the air, now is the time to be the envy of all your neighbors. Earthcore has created a system to build the backyard bar-b-que of your dreams called the ISOpanel system. With our ISOpanel system in just a few short days you could go from having that old stand-alone bar-b-que to an entire outdoor kitchen.

With our modular ISOpanels, Earthcore has reinvented this classic culinary method with a dash of 21st century comfort, convenience and total customization. Using our new Isokern panels and clips, building a beautiful, durable and practical outdoor kitchen is easier than ever. Isokern kitchen sets are available either pre-packaged in a 8’, a 10’x10’, or an “L” shaped kitchen. There is also the option to customize your new outdoor kitchen to any size or configuration.


In the ISOpanel pre-packaged kits would include the following:

1. Isokern Panels – These panels measure 24 inches wide x 34 inches tall and 3 inches deep. Each panel weighs approx. 100 pounds and can be moved by a single person for constructing your new Outdoor Kitchen.

2. Clips – There are 4 types of clips available: Straight, 90 degree, 45 degree and T-clip. Slide the appropriate clip over the junction of 2 adjacent panels for holding them together while the mortar dries.

3. Earthcore Mortar – The Earthcore Mortar is used to adhere each panel to the floor and to each other.