Earthcore® Announces an All New Product from the
Manufacturers of the Isokern Fireplace & Chimney Systems
Go Back to Your Roots with the
All New ISO’ven Wood Burning Oven

Socializing means just that…being social with friends and family. Earthcore®, works tirelessly to bring the homeowner new and inventive ways to enjoy their leisure time with efficiency and affordability. Earthcore® is proud to introduce the ISO’ven, another innovation to the ISOKERN product line up. The ISO’ven is a quick fired, easy to assemble and affordable way to enjoy the centuries’ old traditions of European wood fired cooking in your own backyard.

While most wood burning ovens take about 4-5 hours to heat, the ISO’ven is ready in as little as an hour with cooking temperatures reaching 700 degrees… That’s a pizza in about 3 minutes! The ISO’ven is capable of cooking two 12” pizzas at one time, or any number of other items such as chicken, steaks, bread; the potential is unlimited.

Each ISO’ven Kit is complete and easy to assemble. Earthcore’s Kits come with everything you need to build your own exterior Wood Fired Oven: the proprietary inner liner and cooking surface, oven enclosure, mortar and temperature gauge.

As always, earthcore® brings you the finest materials and quality products: the exclusive Isokern volcanic material and proprietary oven liner is designed for personal cooking and family use. And, just like the Isokern modular fireplaces, the finishing is up to you! Stone, stucco or brick, let your imagination dictate. These kits are the perfect outdoor accessory to your Isokern fireplace, Outdoor Kitchen or Entertainment Center. Enjoy today!

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