With Winter almost here and most of the country becoming more homebound, homeowners start dreaming about the weather warming up and the outdoor living season to begin again. In many cases homeowners start thinking about building a new outdoor kitchen area or upgrading the outdoor summer kitchens they already have. You don’t need a whole lot of space in order to create a great outdoor kitchen, you just need to make sure it is functional and fits your style. Modular kitchen elements have made it much easier for a homeowner to take his dream kitchen and turn it into a reality.


Measure the Area

The first thing to do is to measure the space you’re looking to add an outdoor kitchen to. Take into consideration other features that may already be in place, such as a covered patio or other hardscape features.

Kitchen Appliances

Once you have your general layout designed you should consider your primary use – this will help you decide what equipment and appliances you would like to have and keep your outdoor kitchen uncluttered, ensuring a good work flow. The most common outdoor appliances are grills, icemakers, mini refrigerators and outdoor wood burning pizza ovens.


Make sure you have an area for you and your family or friends to actually dine. Having a comfortable dining and seating area is almost as important, if not more, as your outdoor kitchen itself.

Before you declare your design complete, take one last look at it to see if there is a desire for other outdoor elements, such as an outdoor fireplace, additional seating or a water feature such as a pool element.