The Finest Gas Burning Fireplaces

Besides being an extraordinary decorative element for any house, a fireplace is a warm space where families gather to create unique memories. It’s not simple to find the perfect piece to give a luxury touch to a house, but Earthcore Industries can make it happen. We provide luxury gas burning fireplaces in Houston, TX.

Introducing Us

We are the leading company in the fireplaces and chimneys construction industry in North America. We pride ourselves on high-quality and environmentally-friendly Isokern products that are constantly evolving and improving. Our goal is to help you design the fireplace of your dreams by providing the right tools and excellent customer service. 


Gas Burning Fireplace Models 

If you’re interested in acquiring a luxury gas burning fireplace for your home or considering adding this outstanding element to your designs, we have exactly what you need. As the exclusive manufacturer of Isokern brand products in North America, we have the most resistant materials to ensure a successful construction. Let’s explore our three models available:


The Standard Model

As our first fireplace released in North America, the Standard Model is built for either indoor or outdoor applications. It gives an elegant touch to any room. Its small design allows it to fit in compromised spaces, making it ideal for compact rooms.


The Magnum Model

Our Magnum fireplace is perfect for large custom homes, restaurants, and hotel lobbies. Its design allows this fireplace to stand out in a larger and more dramatic space.


The Magnum+ Model

The Magnum+ model is designed for broad spaces. It’s the largest fireplace listed in the United States. Its length allows several people to enjoy the warmth of the room with no limits. 


The Best Fireplaces Are in Houston, TX. 

The perfect fireplace doesn’t only exist in your head: we can make it a reality. Hire Earthcore Industries to get luxury gas-burning fireplaces in Houston, Tx. When you purchase our product, you’re not only receiving a long-lasting and impeccable fireplace; you’re also taking a piece of our company with you. The results will speak for themselves.