The Best Gas Burning Fireplaces

Fireplaces create a unique experience at home. It’s no surprise that a fireplace is always in homebuyers’ wishlists due to their aesthetic appeal and the warming atmosphere they generate. At Earthcore Industries we have the best luxury gas burning fireplaces in Charlotte, NC for all those interior designers and homeowners that are looking for an extraordinary design. 

A Little Introduction

For more than 30 years we have been the exclusive manufacturer of Isokern brand products, made with genuine volcanic pumice from Mount Hekla volcano. We offer high quality and long lasting fireplaces and chimneys in North America. The volcanic properties of our products allow our fireplaces to last a lifetime, making this a one-time worthy investment. 


Earthcore Industries is well known for having the most trusted fireplace system in the world. Our Isokern products are recommended by thousands of homeowners, architects, interior designers, and more. We have both gas and wood burning fireplaces for you to add a unique and elegant style to your home. 

Benefits of Gas Burning Fireplaces

Gas burning fireplaces aren’t only visually attractive, they also have numerous advantages to highlight, here are some of them:

Easy to Operate

With a simple on and off switch, your fireplace is ready to run effortlessly. Unlike a wood fireplace, it doesn’t need time to set up and can warm up your room instantly. 

Goodbye Cleaning

Cleaning a wood fireplace is tedious due to the ashes it leaves behind. Gas burning fireplaces are a good option for those who prefer keeping their homes clean the easiest way. 

Good for Kids 

Gas burning fireplaces don’t represent any danger to your children nor pets since they’re being controlled. Therefore, your little ones are safe from harmful fly away sparks or flames. 


Since they use gas to function, there’s no need to chop or buy firewood, which means you don’t need to harm a tree to enjoy a calming fireplace. 

Choose the Experts

At Earthcore Industries we strive to provide the most innovative and reliable products for you to enjoy quality time at home. We are proud to offer the best luxury gas burning fireplaces in Charlotte, NC. You have the opportunity to give your home a marvelous element that your family will love as much as you. Contact us now for more information.