Different Fireplaces for Your Home Decor

Once you have a fireplace in your home, you fall in love with all the cozy moments and warm environments it creates. It’s not hard to see why fireplaces are in a lot of homeowners’ wishlist, there’s nothing like the smell and the sound of the wood cracking in the fireplace. Earthcore Industries offers luxury gas burning fireplaces in Atlanta, GA.

Who Are We?

Earthcore Industries is the exclusive manufacturer of Isokern brand products in North America. Isokern was created with the goal of providing sustainable and natural materials to produce effective fireplaces. Over the last 30 years we have become the leading manufacturing company of fireplaces and chimneys with the most trusted heating system in the world.

Types of Fireplaces  

Here are some of our Isokern fireplace models available:

Custom Isokern Fireplace 

For those who like to add their own special touch to their homes, a customized fireplace is a wonderful choice. Customers can request their specifications to our representatives and they’ll take care of the rest. Your ideas will be carefully taken, and we’ll pay special attention to detail.

Standard Fireplace  

This is our most versatile model. Standard fireplaces are practical, they can be implemented either indoors or outdoors. Additionally, they can be both gas and wood burning.

Wood Burning Oven for Pizza

If you’re a cooking lover, this model is perfect for you. Our wood burning pizza oven has everything you need to enjoy a Neapolitan cooking experience. They’re made for easy installation and create a more warming atmosphere outdoors.

Choose Earthcore Industries 

A fireplace is a one-time investment that you’ll never regret. The volcanic properties of our materials make our products completely resistant to fire and insulators, meaning that our fireplaces are guaranteed for life and totally safe. We use pumice from a 7,000 year old volcano to bring our stunning designs to life. 

At Earthcore Industries our goal is to help you have the fireplace of your dreams, and give your designs a boost so that clients prefer your work over any other. The best luxury gas burning fireplaces in Atlanta, GA are right here. Contact us today for more information.