The Fireplace Project Your Clients Deserve

If you still don’t know what is the missing part in your project that will make your clients completely satisfied, we have good news for you. At Earthcore Industries, our fireplaces are exquisite, elegant, and durable. They’re exactly what your project needs, and we’re the most reliable company that provides luxury fireplaces in Alpharetta, GA.

Why a Fireplace?

There are several reasons why you should include a fireplace in your home project. Thousands of homeowners agree that there’s no better experience than having a cozy space at home where they can escape from reality for a while and enjoy a good read, a cup of coffee, or some quality time with family. Let’s explore some of the benefits of adding a fireplace to your design:

Adds Value to Homes

One of the most desirable features that homebuyers look for, according to the National Association of Home Builders, is a fireplace. Its ability to create the ambiance and feel of a cozy, warm, and safe place, makes it a valuable element. Fireplaces can even allow you to receive a bigger pay for your project, and the future homeowner will be able to sell the house at a higher price as well.

Improve Heating Efficiency 

Fireplaces can offer financial benefits by cutting down your energy bill. They contribute to the overall heating and lightning of a home, helping you to save money while enjoying a warm atmosphere. Explain this to your client and your project will become even more desirable. 

Environmentally Friendly 

There are many types of fireplaces you could choose from (electric, wooden, etc). One of the most popular types is the gas-burning fireplace. Besides being an incredible decorator, they use gas as fuel and don’t require any logs to function properly, meaning no trees need to be harmed to enjoy your fireplace. 

We Make Your Design Dreams a Reality

If you want to provide your clients with the quality work they deserve, a fireplace is your best solution. At Earthcore Industries, we strive to build luxury fireplaces in Alpharetta, GA., made from natural pumice. After 30 years of experience, thousands of homeowners recommend our reliable system and impeccable service.