Elegant Fireplace For Your Luxury Master Bathroom

We love the magic that a fireplace brings into our homes. There are likely some who don’t know about a world without it! While nobody is grumbling about this comfortable present-day wonder, the old fashioned fireplace has undoubtedly endured a shot on account of the tech jump. 

Fireplaces are a great option all the time. Imagine having the perfect luxury master bathroom with a fireplace. It would be a dream, wouldn’t it? Don’t worry; Earthcore Industries understands. 

Why A Fireplace?

It’s not difficult to answer this question. Fireplaces are making a comeback, and we all love to stay on top of trends. Mainly because having a Luxury Bathroom with Fireplaces doesn’t just look elegant; they keep you relaxed. 

Do you fear taking a cold bath on a winter’s night? Turn the heating on! Want to get loose in a bubble bath after a stressful week? Compliment it with a fireplace! The improvements in hole-in-the-wall technology mean that you can embed a fireplace right next to the bathtub, so its effects are immediate.

Why Earthcore?

You should hire us to build your luxury bathroom with fireplaces because of our expertise. Since 1989, we have gladly given exceptional fireplaces with unrivaled client assistance from our solution centers. Besides, we are a committed organization with more than 400 sellers.


Our company’s great thing is that we’re always ready, so we know you want that luxury master bathroom with a fireplace. Let us tell you about the luxurious type of fireplaces we can offer you.

Type Of Fireplaces

Custom Isokern Fireplace 

Earthcore Industries takes pride in offering customized fireplaces. If you have an idea of a fireplace that can fit into your luxurious home, just ask one of our representatives, and we do the rest for you.

Standard Fireplace 

This model is called standard due to its practicality. It can be built for indoor and outdoor applications and can be for both gas and fire burning. 

Wood Burning Oven Pizza

This model was crafted for easy installation. The Iso’ven wood-burning pizza oven comes with everything you need to enjoy an authentic Neapolitan cooking experience. If you want an Italianesque outdoor space, this type of luxury fireplace is to suit your luxurious home.


Suppose you need to add a fireplace or other fireplaces to your home, more specifically, to your master luxury bathroom. In that case, you should meet with a designer and a fireplace expert today to discover what is conceivable at your home. 

Contact Earthcore Industries, we’re the best ones in the game, and we assure you, your master bathroom will have a more luxurious look.