Indoor Fireplace for Luxury Bar & Cafe

If you’re trying to add more style to your luxury bar & cafe, we’ve got you covered. At Earthcore Industries, we provide the most sophisticated and durable indoor fireplaces to make your customers enjoy some quality time in your business. Our detail-oriented process and natural products have captivated thousands of homeowners, business owners, and builders in the US.

Benefits of Our Indoor Fireplaces

There are many reasons why indoor fireplaces can add value to your business and improve the experience of your customers. Let’s explore some of the benefits of including this aesthetic decorator to your luxury bar & cafe:

Heat Efficiency 

Depending on the type of fireplace you have (wood-burning or gas-burning), you can control the intensity of the flames and the temperature. If you’re looking for an easy-to-operate fireplace, gas-burning is the best option since it functions with a simple switch. On the other hand, wood-burning fireplaces offer a more traditional look and can warm up a room in minutes.

Cuts Costs 

An indoor fireplace can help you decrease your energy bill since they’re a natural heat and light source. Wood-burning are even more economically friendly than gas-burning fireplaces since they only require logs to deliver a cozy atmosphere. 

Sophisticated Decor

Indoor fireplaces enhance the overall appearance of a room in seconds. Besides being a beautiful focal point, they can adapt easily to the rest of your decorative elements. You can also decorate your fireplace mantel to match the current holiday or season. 


Your fireplace will look stunning no matter where you install it. However, make sure to have the proper ventilation system in order to prevent the smoke from trespassing to your customers’ tables. If you use a wood-burning fireplace, remember not to burn too many logs so the fire can be appropriate for your clients. 

Choose the Experts

An indoor fireplace is everything your business needs to stand out from your competitors. At Earthcore Industries, you’ll find the most stunning gas-burning and wood-burning fireplaces in North America. Once you trust our environmentally friendly products, and our construction expertise, you and your customers will be amazed by the results.