The Finest Fireplace Construction

Are you looking for a reliable gas fireplace store in Arizona? Look no further than Earthcore Industries. We’re the most experienced and recommended fireplace and chimney builders thanks to the durability and beautiful design of our products. Nothing compares to the warm environment that only a fireplace can provide. What are you waiting for?

Our Story

We’re Earthcore Industries, the main manufacturer of Isokern fireplaces and the most reliable gas fireplace store in Arizona. Since 1989, we’ve set the standard for masonry fireplaces and chimney construction in North America. Our environmentally friendly process has become the most recommended system worldwide, allowing us to keep striving to give our customers only the best quality products.

We use volcanic pumice from Mt. Hekla Volcano to create the most stunning fireplaces and chimneys. Our brand is built on respect for specification professionals, remarkable customer service, and a wide variety of applications. We’ll always strive to offer the most innovative products possible and impeccable results to everyone who trusts our company. 

Our Stunning Gas Fireplaces

At Earthcore, we have outstanding products and services. One of our main attractions are our gas-burning fireplace models. They’re easy to operate, eco-friendly, easy to clean, and a breathtaking home decorative element. Additionally, they can maintain the fire easily and you have the opportunity to control the fire intensity.

Our gas-burning fireplace models available include:

  • Standard: The Standard Series sets the standard as the first Isokern modular fireplace in the United States. Perfect for indoor and outdoor applications.
  • Magnum: A larger fireplace creates a warmer environment and will make your visitors complement your good taste. Ideal for large custom homes, lobbies, and restaurants.
  • Bvetto: Our incredible Bvetto offers the largest available heights in the industry of 52”. This model was the first and only field assembled gas appliance fireplace.
  • Vent-Free: This model is perfectly customizable to fit any design plan and offers a variety of opening heights. Perfect solution for any multi-family home, new home, remodeling project, outdoor concept, and more. 

Find Your Perfect Gas Fireplace With Us

If you’re trying to find a trustworthy gas fireplace store in Arizona, Earthcore Industries is the perfect option for you. We provide only the best fireplaces with natural pumice from an active volcano. We guarantee excellent customer service, durable products, and impeccable results while we protect our environment with our eco-friendly process.