Why Have Fireplaces
by the Pool Become so Popular?

Modern design includes a wide variety of new ideas to decorate a home. As an architect, you’re probably well aware how outdoor decoration has become a must in luxury properties and how an imponent pool can make a project more valuable. Besides, they don’t only add value to your project, but they also increase the value of the house itself. 

If your design already includes a marvelous pool, there’s one decorative element that can enhance its appearance: a luxury fireplace. Having a luxury fireplace by the pool is an excellent idea to improve your home project. Let’s explore some benefits you and your client will enjoy by following this beautiful trend: 

Natural Lightning 

Nothing can compare the light that a fireplace can offer. Having a light source that also works as a heat source can create a cozy atmosphere in your outdoor space. A fireplace in your patio or backyard will allow you to enjoy even the darkest and coldest nights with your family. Additionally, they’re excellent to keep the bugs away. 

Useful for Winter

Normally, homeowners forget about patios and backyards when winter comes. They tend to cover their pools and stay inside their homes to avoid cold at all costs. Fireplaces are a great option to keep using your outdoor space even during cold seasons. You can enjoy its coziness while having a delicious hot chocolate.


A luxury fireplace can adapt to any pool and any home decor. There are several materials, sizes, and styles to choose from that can add that special feeling homeowners always look for. Additionally, having your luxury fireplace by the pool isn’t the only option for a refined decoration, you could install your fireplace in the living room, dining room, bedroom, and so much more. 

Complete Your Design With the Best Fireplaces

Pools and fireplaces are a perfect combination. If you decide to try this idea, your clients will have the quality project they deserve. Here at Earthcore Industries, we’re here to provide you with only the best products to make your design dreams a reality. We’ve helped thousands of architects and homeowners in North America, and we’re ready to help you right now.