Why & How to Remodel
an Old Mansion Fireplace

Remodeling your current fireplace is a great way to bring new life to your mansion while increasing the heat efficiency. A good-looking fireplace can add instant charm to any room. The best part is that, with the right architect and manufacturer, you can have a luxury fireplace that still matches with the design of your whole mansion. 

Many homeowners are changing their Victorian mansion fireplaces for new luxury fireplaces. This is due to the accelerated evolution of modern designs nowadays. Whether you’re trying to remodel or just looking to refresh your space, here are the best ways to update your fireplace:

Add Glass Doors 

There’s nothing like a cozy fire during a cold night. But leaving your fireplace unattended isn’t safe for you, your family, nor the integrity of your mansion. Adding glass doors to your fireplace ensure that fire won’t trespass to other areas in the room and they also add more style to its overall appearance. The doors come in standard sizes that fit in any flat firebox opening. 

Install an Attractive Mantell

Mantells aren’t just an architectural anchor in a room, they’re a functional shelf in which you can display valuable possessions. Besides, they’re an important focal point in a room that can be improved very easily. Ideas for fireplace mantels include brick mantels, floating mantels, reclaimed wood mantels, and so much more. You can get creative or ask a professional for advice.

Install a TV Over Your Fireplace

This is a beautiful trend that many homeowners are currently implementing. TVs and fireplaces are a perfect combination that can provide harmony and a sophisticated touch to your mansion. Make sure to contact an architect or fireplace constructor for the installation process.  

Get a Brand New Fireplace With Us 

Updating the style of your Victorian fireplace has never been easier. At Earthcore Industries, we strive to provide our customers with the best quality products and the most impeccable results. We can help you rejuvenate your fireplace or install a brand new fireplace that can adapt to your mansion. Don’t fall behind in the world of modern design and let us build your dreamed fireplace.