Where Should a Fireplace
Be Placed In a Mall?

Selecting the right type of design for a project as important as the interior of a mall can help communicate a message to the customers. In order to create the brand image you’re trying to achieve, you must make sure that you’re using the right elements to transmit the right message. There are several ideas you can use to make a mall interior look outstanding, some of them include:

  • Quality wall panels
  • More natural light 
  • Implementing green areas
  • Extravagant halls
  • Entertainment zones

However, there’s one decorative element that is a must for mall interiors: luxury fireplaces. You may be wondering why a fireplace is so important for the aesthetics and functionality of a mall. Don’t worry, we’ll clarify all your doubts and explain the benefits of implementing this beautiful decorator as part of your project. 

Why Is a Fireplace Necessary In a Mall?

Nothing can compare the coziness that fireplaces transmit. A warm environment is difficult to create in a mall due to the loud noises and constant people walking from one store to another. However, adding a fireplace as a relaxation place with some benches or sofas around is an excellent idea to allow customers to escape from the crowd. 

Additionally, fireplaces are imperative for winter seasons. Therefore, having a source of natural heat in a mall is perfect for visitors to enjoy quality time with family or friends while they’re warming up after walking on the freezing cold streets outside. Christmas is an excellent example of a season when fireplaces are incredibly appreciated by citizens. 

Where to Install a Fireplace?

The best place to install a luxury fireplace is in the middle of the mall as a get-together spot for customers. Providing a calm space to get warm is the perfect way to gain customers’ loyalty as they’ll enjoy the experience and appreciate your quality design. 

Find the Best Luxury Fireplaces Right Here

We know how important your project is to you and how much you want to provide excellent results. That’s why we’re here to offer the highest quality luxury fireplaces to make your design dreams a reality. At Earthcore Industries, we strive to deliver the best results and remarkable customer service to every architect or builder that trusts our expertise.