What Type of Fireplace
Should I Place in My Library?

Libraries are spaces created to enjoy a moment of calmness and escape to a different world. Having a cup of coffee while reading your favorite book is another level of coziness that can only be better with a marvelous luxury fireplace. 

Fireplaces can add warmth and style to any room in your home, but libraries are without a doubt one of the best places to install this wonderful decorative element. While there are a wide variety of designs and types of fireplaces, not all of them can guarantee the safety of your books. Therefore, we’re here to tell you which types are the most recommendable for your book sanctuary.

Electric Fireplaces

Choosing the right luxury fireplace in a private library room can be hard due to the danger they represent for paper. Fortunately, electric fireplaces are powered by a plug in your wall, so no fumes are being released into your home. They only mimic the fireplace burning coal or wood with an electric heater. Additionally, they’re very easy to clean and maintain.

Gas Log Fireplaces 

This style offers the same ambiance and warmth of a real wood-burning fireplace. This is ideal for those traditional fireplace lovers that, even though they can’t install a real one in their library, they look for alternative options to enjoy the same experience. Logs are generally made of ceramic but can be fashioned to look like any type of wood. 

Gas-Burning Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces are the best option for a private library room. They’re sophisticated, safe, and add value to your home design. Make sure the fireplace includes a protection gas and a quality ventilation system to prevent the smoke from entering the room. Additionally, gas-burning fireplaces are easy to operate and have an excellent heat efficiency. 

We Have the Fireplace of Your Dreams

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