Types of Exterior Fireplaces

Exterior fireplaces provide a cozy atmosphere to your outdoor living space. Gathering with family and friends is much more special with the warm environment that only fireplaces can create. In addition to making cozy additions to your home, outdoor fireplaces are the perfect decorative element for luxurious properties since they add more sophistication to any space.

If you’ve been undecided about which type of outdoor fireplace would be ideal for your home, here are some types of exterior fireplaces you can choose from:

Stone Outdoor Fireplaces

Stone is a beautiful element for fireplaces. They’re fire-resistant and can be arranged in attractive patterns that allow you to have either a rustic look or a neat style. Stone fireplaces make an outstanding element at any part of your outdoor space, from exterior kitchens to swimming pools. Additionally, they’re perfect for cooking additions such as pizza ovens.

Brick Outdoor Fireplaces

Are you looking for a classic look? Brick fireplaces are your best option. The styles you can create with different red brick patterns are the classic touch your outdoor space needs. Keep in mind that safety is the most important factor for any kind of fireplace; therefore, make sure to place it somewhere that is totally clear of bushes, overhanging branches, or patches of dry grass.

Some of the best locations for this fireplace include the deck, patio, or a space set further back in the yard to create a stunning and unique gathering place.

Plaster Outdoor Fireplaces

Smooth textures are great options for fine and sophisticated home decor. Plaster fireplaces are not only visually appealing thanks for their simplicity, but they also make a good base for adding other decorative elements, and they can use interesting geometric designs. Exterior living rooms are ideal for enjoying this traditional fireplace while having quality time with your loved ones.

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