Pros & Cons of TVs Over Fireplaces

A fireplace is such a lovely element for your home decor. They can improve the look of any room and create a warm atmosphere even when the energy goes out, no wonder they’re preferred by home buyers and wished by homeowners and designers. 


We normally see fireplaces in different areas of a house, even unusual ones like bathrooms or exercise rooms. The most common place so far is the living room, usually people love to spend quality time with their families while sitting by the fire in a cozy environment. There are some who enjoy watching their favorite movie while the fireplace is running right over the TV. 


Modern design trends have made it possible to have a fireplace under a TV, and homeowners seem to be really happy with this decoration idea. But, is this a good idea to use for your fireplace decor, or are there any serious disadvantages? Let’s explore some pros vs cons of TVs over fireplaces. 

Pros of Having a TV Over a Fireplace

Visually Perfect Combination

The combination of these two elements is perfectly aesthetic to the eyes. Once you place them together they become the focal point of the room. Anyone who visits you will compliment your good taste in home styling. 

More Space 

Having your TV and fireplace together on the same wall allows you to explore other designs with the rest of the space and makes your room look bigger.  

Goodbye Wires

When you mount a TV on the wall, there are always annoying wires in sight. The solution here is placing a fireplace below, which length can cover those little details and make your room even more aesthetically pleasing.

Cons of Having a TV Over a Fireplace

Be Careful With Heat and Electronics

Heat and electricity don’t get along, so be extra careful when installing either one and place them as separated as possible. Remember to clean the fireplace frequently.

Possible Neck Pain 

It’s recommended to have a TV at eye-level for a better viewing experience. Having a fireplace taking the space below doesn’t allow your neck to rest on its own natural position, on the contrary, it creates strain and possible neck pain. 

Affects the Viewing Experience

If you don’t set up your TV right, the quality of the picture can change as you get away from the screen. Consider having an expert place your TV in the proper angle so that you don’t end up seeing a lower quality picture. 

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