How to Make
Your House Look Like a Hotel

Have you ever been at a hotel and fell so in love with the experience that made you want to stay forever? Hotels prioritize their guests’ comfort at all costs; therefore, it’s not a surprise that many visitors find it difficult to pack their things and go back to reality. Fortunately, we’re here to tell you how to have that same quality experience in your own home. 

If you want to make your home look as good as that luxury hotel you loved, here are five remodeling projects to help you have a more pleasant time in your home, bringing you back to the wonderful vacation you just experienced:

Warm Lightning

You probably noticed that hotel lamps have different tones to choose from depending on your taste or needs. There’s usually one lamp on each side of the bed or on the bedside tables. This creates a cozy atmosphere and pulls the room together visually. Keep in mind that closet and bathroom lightning are as important as the main room or living room lightning.

Luxe Sheets

White sheets are associated with high standards of cleanliness. Hotels usually go for white when it comes to bed dressing; however, you could choose from a wide variety of pastel colors to add an elegant touch. Besides, these tones can adapt easily to the colors of your room. 

Refine Drapery

The right drapery adds a luxe, almost a theatrical appearance to any living room, bedroom, or dining room. Besides, they’re completely necessary to blind external light from entering your rooms. Make sure to choose neutral colors in order for your drapery to adapt to your furniture and other decorative elements. 

The Bathroom 

Fluffy rugs, deluxe towels, fancy tiles, and an impressive bathtub are just some of many aspects to take into consideration when remodeling your bathroom. Luxe porcelain sinks are a must for hotels; therefore, make sure to select refined materials and neutral colors for your sink and toilet. Don’t forget your bathrobe and slippers to feel warm and pampered after a relaxing bath.

Luxury Fireplaces

There’s no substitute for luxury fireplaces when it comes to enhancing your home appearance. Whether they’re wood-burning or gas-burning fireplaces, they’re an outstanding decorative element that will make your home a warm and comfortable place to relax. You can build your fireplace in any room, even the bathroom, and they’ll always look stunning.

We Make Your Dream Home a Reality

If you’re struggling to decide which remodeling project can turn your home into a luxury hotel, we’ve got you covered. At Earthcore Industries, we strive to provide our clients with luxury fireplaces and impeccable customer service. With more than 30 years of experience, our team is ready to build you a breathtaking fireplace.