How to Enhance Mountain Hotels

When designing a mountain hotel, you can’t settle for only a decent structure or decoration; you must always strive for something extraordinary in order to make all guests fall in love with the experience. Satisfied guests are a powerful marketing tool, but one bad experience can lead 25% of guests to choose the competition. 

There are several ways to improve overall customer satisfaction that hotel owners could implement before their arrival, such as providing an easy booking process, offering early and smooth check-ins, addressing guests personally, and so much more. However, today we’re going to explore different methods to improve the appearance of mountain hotels with decorative elements. 

The Best Decoration for Mountain Hotels

An imperative aspect of a hotel is its decoration. Guests are constantly looking for unique experiences to forget about their routinary life and escape to a completely new environment. Therefore, the interior and exterior design of the hotel must be planned strategically and carefully to meet guests’ expectations. Here are some useful tips to enhance mountain hotels:

Use Green As Your Best Friend

Take advantage of the beautiful green environment surrounding you and add some plants to make your guests appreciate the beauty of nature inside and outside the hotel. Plants can be used in the reception desk, rooms, bathrooms, bars, restaurants, and more. Greenery can also be used to decorate the walls and ceilings, providing an even more aesthetic look.

Hanging Lamps Are A Must 

Hanging lamps have become a lovely trend for interior design. If the space in the hotel has high ceilings, there’s no better decorative elements than hanging lamps. Guests will definitely appreciate your good taste in style. 

Interior & Outdoor Fireplaces

Nothing can beat the warmthness of a fireplace. Interior fireplaces will allow guests to enjoy a moment of calmness and relaxation. Outdoor fireplaces, on the other hand, will also help them enjoy nature. Gas-burning fireplaces have no direct ecological impact; therefore, they’re a perfect option to keep the environment safe and create a good impression on guests.

Choose the Fireplace Experts 

A fireplace is the best improvement to make a hotel stand from the rest. Therefore, finding the right company to build interior and outdoor fireplaces is imperative to assure quality results. At Earthcore Industries, we have over 30 years of experience working with natural pumice from Mt. Hekla Volcano to create stunning and remarkable fireplaces.