Earthcore Timeline

The Story of Earthcore

Earthcore Industries, the exclusive manufacturer of Isokern fireplaces and chimneys, celebrated 30 years of business in January 2020. Isokern are earth-friendly products made from Icelandic volcanic stone.

Carl Spadaro - CEO


Carl Spadaro, formerly an investment broker, is introduced by the Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce to Isokern Fireplaces, a 50 year old Danish company that manufactured modular chimneys and firechests for Scandinavia and Northern Europe.

Isokern Fireplaces


September, Carl Spadaro joins Isokern U.S., the Danish subsidiary to distribute Isokern Fireplaces throughout North America.

Isokern U.S.


December, Spadaro takes over operations of Isokern U.S.

Earthcore Industries


January, Earthcore Industries is formed, becoming the exclusive distributor of Isokern products throughout North and South America.

Show and Tell


Spadaro travels across America to educate building officials and architects on the first tested and listed to UL standards on the new technology of modular fireplaces and chimneys.

Introducing Steel Chimney


After the Watsonville Earthquake of 1989, San Francisco, Isokern introduces steel chimneys to be adapted to Isokern modular masonry fireplaces.

Houston & Dallas


December, Earthcore establishes the first distribution branch in Houston, TX with operations there as well as in Dallas, TX.

Isokern Special Feature


Popular Mechanics magazine interviews Spadaro for article on the innovative Isokern fireplace products.

Welcome to Atlanta


Earthcore opens Isokern East location in Atlanta, GA.

Vent Free


Isokern’s Vent Free unit is the first masonry tested to UL and listed unvented fireplace introduced in the U.S. and Canada.

Isokern Firelite

Isokern Fire-Lite is the first masonry tested to UL and listed fireplace to be placed on wood floor construction.

Out West


Earthcore established the West Coast Distribution Center under Isokern West in Corona, CA.

This Old House


Spadaro is invited on “This Old House” television show, the nation’s most popular home construction material show, displaying Isokern’s modular fireplace. 

Across the U.S.


Earthcore acquires and opens Isokern West, Camarillo, CA and Isokern East Charlotte, NC.

Medal of Honor


Spadaro receives the Prince Henrik Medal of Honor from the Danish Foreign Trade Ministry for his expansion of Isokern technologies throughout North America.

Testing & Listing

Tests and lists the Isokern Magnum Fireplace for production.

Ernest & Young Finalist

Spadaro receives Ernest and Young Entrepreneur Finalist Award for Earthcore.



Earthcore creates the first masonry all gas field assembled class B-Vented fireplace appliance.

Earthcore and Schiedel


Reyjavik, Iceland, Earthcore in agreement venture with Schiedel, AG, the world’s largest chimney supplier headquartered in Vienna, Austria to build the U.S. manufacturing plant. 

Isokern West


Earthcore acquires and establishes Isokern West, Phoenix, AZ.

The More the Merrier


Earthcore acquires and establishes Isokern of Texas in Austin, TX. and Camarillo, CA.

First Pumice Offload


Construction begins on Earthcore’s U.S. manufacturing facility. First shipment of pumice offloads in Chesapeake, VA.

Manufacturing Plant


March, Earthcore is fully operational manufacturing 100% Isokern components for North America. 

EPA Qualified

Earthcore acquires the GreenTech EPA Phase 2 Qualified Wood Burning technology, making Isokern the first clean wood burning fireplace in the U.S.

Introducing Stonecore


Spadaro creates Stonecore, a Jacksonville based retail stone and construction of an outdoor living and solutions center.

Earthcore & Isokern


April, Earthcore completes the purchase of Isokern brand technology from Schiedel AG.

Iso'ven Wood Burning Pizza Oven


Earthcore creates the Iso'ven, a modular outdoor wood burning oven.

HGTV Designing Spaces


Spadaro appears on HGTV’s Designing Spaces, displaying Isokern’s Outdoor Living.

Burnie Grill


Spadaro becomes the North American Distributor for Burnie Grill, an all-natural, zero waste, eco-friendly alder wood burning grill, Latvian made.

Welcome Maximus


Earthcore lists the first modular masonry direct vent fireplace, Maximus.

Best Innovation Award


Burnie receives Best Innovation Award for New Product from the International Builder Show.

Inside the Blueprint


Earthcore featured on “Inside the Blueprint,” with the title: Green Building: Earthcore's Fireplaces Go Beyond Tradition

Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland


Spadaro on Worldwide Business with Kathy Ireland: Watch Here

Modular Gas Delivery System


Earthcore receives patent on proprietary and modular gas delivery system.



Earthcore testes and lists to UL the world's largest 10 foot wide wood burning fireplace, Magnum+.

NEW! Maximus Linear


Earthcore lists the Maximus Linear Fireplace and the first tested and listed modular linear burner.

HGTV, Brother vs. Brother


Spadaro on HGTV’s Brother vs. Brother with Isokern Outdoor Living products, kitchen and Iso'ven.

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